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Customer Reviews

一口气order金姐Gold Kimchi 全套產品。今天收到了。打开配饭吃。大白菜泡菜、黄瓜和萝卜泡菜,爽脆和口感真好,特别好吃。干炒小鱼真的很棒。会介绍给亲朋戚友们。

7 days ago

Received our order today. Tried the cabbage kimchi and anchovies. Very good. The cabbage is cruchy and fresh! Both are good with rice!!!! Can't wait to eat them again for dinner! Yummy!!!!!

11 days ago

Received my order 19 Nov, sooo nice till forgot write review :-) the cabbage, cucumber & radish kimchi very good 👍good to go with rice & korean noodle ✌️🙂

Review Image
13 days ago


Cabbage Kimchi 500g 大白菜泡菜 500克 🥬
Cucumber Kimchi 500g 黄瓜泡菜 500克 🥒
Radish Kimchi 500g 萝卜泡菜 500克
Stir Fried Anchovies (with nuts) 130g 干炒小鱼和坚果 130克
Stir Fried Anchovies (with chilli paste) 130g 干炒小鱼和辣椒酱 130克



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