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Take is Whatsapp Order Form for small business.

Dine-in Menu

How to generate QR code for dine-in menu?

Menu setup

1) How to add an image in each items?

2) How to add variants in menu?

3) How to format description?

4) How to add section?

Manage order

1) How to access Admin page? or go to https://take.sg/admin

2) How to download daily order list?


1) How to disable shop or item?

2) How to set discounts?

  • Go to Edit page and find "Advanced" section

3) How to disable self-pickup?

4) How to add tax?

You still have questions?

1) Select your inquiry item

2) Add more details in Special Request

3) Click "Place order via Whatsapp" button.


  • Minimum order for delivery: SGD 10.00
  • Flat delivery fee: SGD 10.00

For Customers

SGD 0.00
SGD 0.00

For Sellers

SGD 0.00

SGD 0.00
SGD 0.00
SGD 0.00

SGD 1.00



Review Your Order

Items Total WarningMinimum: $10
SGD 0.00
(Total Qty: 0)

SGD 10.00

SGD 10.00

Additional charge may apply. Confirm order details in Whatsapp before any payment.